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(Inc GST)
Local Area around Point Cook
20 Mins
Williamstown or Werribee
30 Mins
City and Beaches
45 Mins
Orbits of city center and beaches
60 Mins
East Coast of Bellarine Peninsula and Portsea
60 Mins
Entire Coastline of Port Phillip Bay
1.5 Hours
Entire Coastline of Port Phillip Bay and orbits of city
2 Hours
Just Aerobatics
25 Mins

FLIGHT VIDEO: A professionally edited DVD of your flight- $140. It will be posted to you within 14 days


Mild Aerobatics try some gentle loops and rolls ADD $70

Wild Aerobatics experience the full repertoire of aerobatics ADD $110
(Wild Aerobatic option not available with the 20 min scenic flight)

Scenic flights can be upgraded during the flight to include aerobatics.
We provide flying jackets, leather flying helmets, goggles and gloves. One passenger per flight. Bring your camera!

Aerobatics are carried out on the return to Point Cook.
You can choose your own route up to 2 hours duration within a 130km radius of Point Cook Airfield.

The quoted Flight Times are from engine start to engine shutdown. Times are approximate and may vary according to wind conditions, Air Traffic Control etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are only applicable to operations from Point Cook Airfield. A minimum $50 deposit is required when booking a flight. A minimum of 48 hrs notice is required to change a booking. A $50 cancellation fee applies if you fail to show for your flight or cancel within 48 hrs of your booking. All adults entering Point Cook Airfield must have Photo ID, e.g. licence, passport.