Flight Description
(Inc GST)
Mild Ride try some gentle loops and rolls
25 Mins
Wild Ride experience the full repertoire of aerobatics
35 Mins
Extreme Aerobatics - gut wrenching, high G aerobatics
45 Mins
The Ultimate Flight all the aerobatics you want, while you Fly within a 110km radius of Point Cook
60 Mins

FLIGHT VIDEO: A professionally edited DVD of your flight- $140. It will be posted to you within 14 days

Special Deals: Circuit around Point Cook - Adrenalin shot Yak52 aerobatics 15min $310.

We offer a range of flights in the Yak to cater for individual tastes, ranging from leisurely and slow to full on extreme aerobatics. You can select your own route and level of aerobatics.The 45 min flight can go anywhere in a 70km radius of Point Cook. The 60min flight can go anywhere in a 110km radius of Point Cook. We have standard routes that take in the city views and the beaches around Melbourne.

The Yak 52 is operated in Australia in 'Limited Category'. The Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) allow fare paying passengers to fly in this aircraft for adventure flights provided the passenger is told that:

  1. the design, manufacture, and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognized by CASA; and
  2. CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircaft on a commercial passenger flight; and
  3. the passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk.


The aircaft is capable of abrupt aerobatic manoeuvres and can place extra stress on your body. If you have any prevailing medical conditions or weaknesses we advise you to obtain a medical clearance as we are not medically trained and can not give advice in this area.

The quoted Flight Times are from engine start to engine shutdown. Times are approximate and may vary according to wind conditions, Air Traffic Control etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are only applicable to operations from Point Cook Airfield. A minimum $50 deposit is required when booking a flight. A minimum of 48 hrs notice is required to change a booking. A $50 cancellation fee applies if you fail to show for your flight or cancel within 48 hrs of your booking. All adults entering Point Cook Airfield must have Photo ID, e.g. licence, passport.